Who We Are

Grid Group specialises in trained personnel for the delivery of manned cleaning (including COVID19 disinfection services) of commercial fleets; emergency and passenger vehicles; commercial and public buildings; aged care facilities; as well as related static security and concierge services. We are an Australian-owned company, founded in New South Wales. The current base of operation extends to into every major capital city in Australia and into New Zealand. 

The founders of Grid Group have been maintaining business assets for 25 years. Expertise began in rejuvenating commercial flooring in 1996. In 2000 it extended to cleaning maintenance of commercial shopping centres. 2007 saw expansion into fleet cleaning services. Local contracts for Mobile home fleet cleaning developed into cleaning all types of rental vehicles across Australia in every major capital city by 2013.


New Zealand operations commenced the following year in 2014. Concierge and security were added as related services to their fleet service offerings. By necessity the expertise has extended into disinfection cleaning services especially pertaining to the COVID19 virus, protecting passenger fleets, emergency vehicles and aged care.

Over the past 25 years the founders of Grid Group have developed a reputation for personalised service, attention to detail and for valuing and growing employees while remaining price sensitive to our clients business needs. Our motto is that we exist to protect our client’s business assets.

Grid Group’s company internal driver is to deliver on promises. Our Quality System  supports that. We “Gauge, Reflect, Initiate, Deliver” on everything we do.

It’s our winning formula.



For more than 25 years, our teams have been passionate about maintaining and protecting the business assets of our clients in Australia and New Zealand.

Our core business is cleaning. We offer both commercial and infection cleaning, including deep cleaning for vehicles, fleets and buildings.

From cleaning commercial buildings locally we began servicing mobile homes and hire cars nationally, done by teams in every capital city in Australia and New Zealand. 

This core service then generated two other service offerings; a static security service to monitor fleet yards during business hours and after hours; plus a professional concierge service to receive customers on behalf of our clients. Ours is a full service offering for hire fleet and building managers. 

Predominately we specialised in the transport industry and in building services. 

In transport we have carved a niche in hire cars and motor homes where our promise is to have all vehicles hire ready everyday. 

We also have a unique mobile truck cleaning service that accommodates to our clients schedules. 

In building services we do regular and deep cleans using disinfection cleaning protocols. We also restore natural stonework in building floors and walls.

With 25 years experience in building asset maintenance, we can honestly say—”we know flooring”. We know how to clean and rejuvenate any type of natural or man made floors. This expertise extends to rejuvenating the natural stonework of large foyers and ground floors of buildings. This is specialist knowledge, gleaned from years of trialing products, equipment and techniques.

It’s our people. We have a very low turnover of staff—far below what is standard for our industry. This is in part due to the training to certificate standard they receive in-house. They are job ready and can do what is required of them to a professional standard. We foster a culture of respect and part of that is paying them a bit more for their commitment which includes a reward scheme.

The benefit of low turnover of staff for our clients however,  is service just the way our clients want it, everytime. (view services)

  1. Firstly we have upgraded our cleaning chemicals to be both food grade and hospital grade disinfectants. They kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria. In this way we can assure our clients that the clean we offer is the best and safest clean available for their their people and assets.
  2. All key staff have completed Australian Government, Department of Heath Infection Control Training – COVID 19. We have developed the disinfection cleaning protocols in line with this training to assist Essential Services maintain the safety of all personnel during these times.
  3. Should one of our sites become contaminated from a worker with Coronavirus, the entire team at the site will go into the required isolation for 2 weeks. A team from head office will replace that team. The site will be immediately disinfected and the work will then continue as normal as a new team takes over.

Company Timeline

The experience gathered from over 25 years is finally realised.

Ceramic Paint Protection and detailing services for caravans, motorhomes and cars launched

Grid Group

Wholly owned Australian company.

New Zealand Operations

Established Car Hire fleet cleaning teams

National Car Fleets

Established cleaning teams in every major city.

Mobile Homes

First commercial fleet cleaning contract.

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning operations began.

Shopping Centres

Operations Director cleaning, security and maintenance.

Rejuvenating Floors

Experience began rejuvenating commercial flooring.