Our Systems

Glad Group’s accredited Integrated Business Management Systems (IBMS) underpins all aspects of the Glad business combining functions relating to the quality of the service, work health and safety standards and environmental management.

Our IBMS is designed to support and continuously improve our integrated property services model, in compliance with relevant legislation, regulations, codes of practice, and to the applicable standards.

Quality ISO 9001:2015

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Safety AS 4801:2001

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Environment ISO 14001:2015

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Environmental Policy

GRID’s Environmental Management Plan minimises the effects of our business on the environment by proving information and educating staff in Environmental awareness

We call it the GRID100 –Environmental Management Plan and all GRID staff trained into the GRID 100 Environmental Awareness Program.

The program has been designed to educate staff and subcontractors on how to work in the most environmentally safe manner as possible.

Staff and contractors are taught how to identify a hazard, to assess the risks and how to implement appropriate controls. Further, they monitor their performance on environmental protection and commit to ongoing improvement in this area.

GRID employees make sure all potential environmental incidents are prevented or at the very least, controlled. In the event of an incident they would also carry out an effective and timely rehabilitation of those areas affected.

Further GRID Group as a company commits to comply with all relevant legislation, company, Australian and International standards regarding communication about environmental issues.


Best practice requires organisations to be able to repeat the level of quality that creates customer satisfaction. The cornerstone of any quality system is the ability to correctly identify all the agents that produce that quality.

GRID100 is a “Quality Grid” that enables products, roles and processes within the framework to be identified and then evaluated, improved and interconnected in ways that maintain a flow of quality and its deliverables into a system.

The Management team at Grid Group Pty Ltd have spent 10 years developing and implementing a comprehensive Total Quality Management System we have labelled the GRID100—Total Quality Management System.

The GRID100 TQMS addresses all aspects of products and service delivery from design to production and maintenance. It also includes of all aspects of management and customer deliverables.

It has been matched to the requirements of the international standard AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000 without certification.

Our Motto: “Gauge—Reflect—Initiate—Deliver commits the organisation to this quality practice day-in-day-out.

GRID’s Occupational Health, Safety and Rehabilitation (GRID 100 - OHS&R) Policy

GRID Group will always uphold standards of health, safety and welfare as a core business objective. It is committed to the protection of its employees and others from accidental injury or damage as a result of work carried out by and on behalf of the business.

The GRID 100 OHS&R policy outlines how the company is organised and the various roles and functions played within the organisation relating to OHS&R issues. The Policy requires that it is understood, implemented and maintained by staff at all levels.

This policy complies with the NSW Occupational Health and Safety Act 2000, in conjunction with the consolidation of all associated regulations into the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation 2001 and the Workplace Injury Management and Workers Compensation Act 1998

To meet this objective the company will take all practicable steps to ensure that it:

Policies and Procedures

Glad Group is governed by a number of policies that deal with the following:

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To view our WHS Incident Injury and Rehabilitation procedure, click here.

These policies and procedures ensure the highest standards are achieved across the business.

Modern Slavery Statement

Glad Group recognises the importance of a Modern Slavery Statement and protecting human rights. We are committed to protecting the rights of all people including its employees, the communities in which the Company operates, those who may be impacted by its activities, its customers, and those within its supply chains. Glad Groups management of modern slavery risks falls within its overall approach to protecting human rights. The foundation documents for human rights protection are the Company’s Code of Conduct and Company Charter.

Through contractual arrangements and procurement principles, consultants, agents, contractors and suppliers are required to comply with the Code of Conduct and Company Charter.  The Company’s standard terms and conditions also require minimum standards in ethical business practices, safety and environment, be met.

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