GRID's Global Best Practice Systems

GRID Group’s systems and policies underpin our business. They dictate the quality of the service we offer, the safety and work health standards of our people and environmental outcomes of our work.

They are designed to continuously improve our commercial offerings and ensure they are compliant to the latest  legislation, regulations, codes of practice, and measure to the applicable standards.

Rest assured because the vehicle in this fleet is GRID ASSURED.

GRID Assurance

The GRID Assurance mark certifies that Grid Group has been contracted to carry out regular disinfection and cleaning services for companies displaying this mark. 

In 2020 the business world was changed by the advent of Covid-19 in our community. We all had to adopt safe interaction practices and undertake disinfection cleaning services to maintain a safer working environment. The vehicles we now travel in and drive became part of that safety protocol. The GRID Assurance offering was born out of the need to assure drivers and passengers alike that the vehicles they are using are being cleaned to the correct safety standards.

The two tick system confirms firstly that the vehicle is being regularly cleaned to remove all dirt harbouring bacteria. 

The Second tick assures that a secondary process has taken place to disinfect the vehicle after the clean to remove 99.9% of germs and bacteria from all common touch points.

The Disinfection Cleaning Services provided by Grid Group use hospital and food grade disinfectants that kill 99.9% of all germs and bacteria in the cleaning process. 

All key Grid Group staff overseeing our disinfection cleaning services have completed the Australian Government, Department of Health—Infection Control Training – COVID19

The GRID Environmental Management Plan minimises the effects of our business on the environment by providing information and educating staff in Environmental awareness We call it the GRID100 Environmental Management Plan and all GRID staff trained into the GRID 100 Environmental Awareness Program.

Environmental Policy

The GRID Environmental Management Plan minimises the effects of our business on the environment by providing information and educating staff in Environmental awareness. The GRID Environmental Awareness Program has been designed to educate staff and subcontractors on how to work in the most environmentally safe manner as possible. 

Staff and contractors are taught how to identify hazards, assess risks and how to implement appropriate controls. 

GRID employees make sure all potential environmental incidents are prevented or at the very least, controlled. In the event of an incident they would also carry out an effective and timely rehabilitation of those areas affected. They monitor their performance on environmental protection and commit to ongoing improvement in this area. 

Further GRID Group as a company commits to comply with all relevant legislation, company, Australian and International standards regarding communication about environmental issues.


Commits our organisation to a quality practice day-in, day-out.   

GRID – How We Manage Quality

The cornerstone of any quality system is the ability to correctly identify all the agents that produce that quality.

GRID is a “Quality Grid” that enables products, roles and processes within the GRID framework to be identified, evaluated, improved and interconnected in ways that maintain a flow of quality and its deliverables in a system.

The Management team at Grid Group Pty Ltd have spent 10 years developing and implementing a comprehensive Quality Management System we have labelled the GRID –Quality Management System.

The GRID QMS addresses all aspects of products and service delivery from design to production and maintenance. It also includes of all aspects of management and customer deliverables. It has been matched to the requirements of the international standard  ISO 9001:2015 without certification.

Our driver: “Gauge – Reflect – Initiate – Deliver” commits us to a quality practice day-in-day-out.

GRID Workplace Health & Safety Rehabilitation Policy

GRID Group is committed to the protection of employees and others from accidental injury or damage as a result of work carried out by and on behalf of the business. 

The GRID WHS&R policy outlines how the company is organised and the roles and functions as they relate to WHS&R issues. The policy complies with all  Workplace Health and Safety Acts and Workplace Injury and Workers Compensation Acts. It also requires that it is understood, implemented and maintained by staff at all levels. In order to meet these objectives Grid Group:

  • Encourages the active involvement of all staff in the management of WHS&R;
  • Ensures plant, equipment and materials used meet regulatory standards;
  • Reviews and monitors responses to incident, accident and ‘near miss’ reports as they arise;
  • Establishes safe work methods and insists that these are practiced at all times;
  • Provides training and supervision;
  • Ensures employees and contractors understand and accept their responsibility to promote a safe and healthy place of work.

UPDATE: With the advent of coronavirus as an environmental concern affecting both client assets and our working environment we have introduced food and hospital grade disinfectant cleaners that kill 99.9% of germs and bacterias to combat its spread. We have also developed a coronavirus protocol on every worksite to minimise cross infection to employees as part of these policies.