Cleaning for Aged Care and Essential Services

Cleaning for Aged Care and Essential Services

Cleaning for our vulnerable and those in essential services, against the backdrop of the Covid-19 virus, requires a twentieth century solution—hospital grade, food grade disinfectant cleaning products coupled with dry steam.

GRID Group invested in the technology to disinfect and clean living and working spaces thoroughly. Superheated dry steam vapour technology takes water, trapping and heating it to over 170°C, to create a pressurised steam vapour. This is guaranteed to destroy the virus on all surfaces. Traditional steam cleaners operate at around 60°C.

  • Temperature – High temperature steam breaks the bond between the dirt and the surface and kills germs, bacteria, parasites (such as dust mites) and other allergens through thermal shock;
  • Humidity – The micro droplets of water detach and trap the dirt from the treated surfaces for easy vacuum extraction or removal using microfibre; and
  • Pressure – Adjustable pressure allows the user to quickly change from a gentle clean on the most delicate of surfaces to a powerful jet of steam for the more difficult grease and grime.

In addition to the cleaning and sanitising functions, a reduction in the amount of water used and the temperature produced on the surface means that the surface water evaporates very quickly, leaving the surface dry a short time after cleaning is complete. This is ideal to disinfect common living areas like chairs and couches. Common touch points however, such as light switches can only be disinfected using our disinfecting cleaning products.

All of our key staff have completed the Infection Control Training – COVID 19 course by the Australian Government Department of Health.

GRID Group have established internal Disinfection Cleaning protocol in the event of a person testing positive in the facility which we make available to our clients to follow.

June 2024