Our People

We aim to deliver a personalised, knowledgeable and trusted service to our clients. Our winning formula in that delivery is that we retain our people. 


Gaining Trust and Respect

At Grid Group our staff turnover rate is unusually low for our industry. We pay our staff a little more and they are well trained, which helps them achieve great job satisfaction. We have developed a culture of trust and respect that translates to the way we treat our clients and the public.
Our teams stick together and work together well, delivering  a very personalised service to our clients on an ongoing basis. Grid Group chooses to hire people with personality.
Teamwork is crucial to meeting our goals and we take this very seriously.It is important to us to break the us-and-them mentality between contracted and internal staff.
From our perspective we are all looking out for the same client interests and we create relationships with that purpose in mind.

Our staff take ownership of their roles and the physical building and vehicle assets they take care of. We encourage Grid Group staff to check in with our clients on how things are going and make any changes that are required.

Our objective is to provide our clients, whether cleaning, security or concierge services, with the best quality customised service from a dedicated team.

All Grid Group cleaning staff are trained internally to certificate standards including equipment training, chemical handling, safe practices and hazard detection. Our security staff are all appropriately licensed. 

Every Grid Group employee must undergo a police check prior to employment. With the advent of COVID-19, all key staff have also completed the Australian Government, Department of Health: Infection Control Training – COVID 19. 

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