Grid Group specialise in high volume, vehicle cleans within the time frames required by the business, at a unit price.


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Car yards have to regularly maintain a fleet of presentable vehicles for public viewing. With the reality of COVID-19, the vehicles in the car yard not only need to look clean, they now also need to be cleaned to a new level of safety.

GRID Group Car Yard Service offers five targeted vehicle cleans  including Covid-19 cleaning. Each service is offered at a unit price and done on site as required.

We have packaged the cleans around the daily cycles of car yards. From the new vehicle clean and the more detailed trade-in clean, to the daily spruce up of the yard, decontamination cleans after test drives, to the final presentation clean of the sold vehicle. They carry our GRID Assurance standard of clean. The cleaning products we use are both food-grade and hospital grade and guaranteed to kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria and germs.

The cleaning services we offer car yards are as follows:

DAILY CLEAN of all vehicles on the lot prepares the vehicles for the day’s public viewing; 
NEW CAR DETAIL cleans new vehicles of factory marks, stickers etc;
DEMONSTRATOR Vehicle Cleans decontaminate all touch points and prepares the vehicle for the next inspection;
TRADE-IN Detail Clean, details and cleans traded-in vehicle to ready them to be sold;
SOLD CARS needing a complete clean to be readied for pickup.

We are also able to offer a delivery service to purchasers with a clean, sanitised car on your behalf.

Whatever your cleaning requirements GRID Group are able to service your cleaning needs including building cleans.

Disinfection Cleaning Services

Disinfection Cleaning Services combat the spread of COVID-19 virus.

Fleet Cleaning

Experienced in over 500,000 fleet vehicles cleaned annually.

Static Security

Licensed to monitor visitors and report on any irregularities.

Concierge Service

A personalised, knowledgeable and trusted greeting service.

Commercial Clean

Professional commercial clean, personalised to your building.

Car Yard Cleans

High volume vehicle cleaning, on site at a unit price

Vehicle Delivery

Cleaned and sanitised before vehicle delivery and relocation.

Mobile Truck Cleaning

A detailed onsite clean of trucks and heavy equipment when it suits.


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