Emergency Vehicle Disinfection Service

Emergency Vehicle Disinfection Service

GRID Group uses high temperature dry steam cleaning for the Emergency Vehicle Disinfection service. This is in line with The Australian Government protocol against Covid-19. Here are a series of questions and answers regarding the protocol and the service offered by GRID Group.

Who recommends steam cleaning?

The Australian Governments guidelines provided by the CDNA recommend steam cleaning soft surfaces and a carpets in the event of viral agents. In the case of vomit or bbf they recommend that the bbf is removed with neutral detergent and water followed by steam when possible. This recommendation is inline with governments around the world. The UK government recommends steam cleaning specifically against Covid-19.

Can steam vapour aerolise the virus?

No, the research does not support this. The dry steam machines at GRID Group reach temperatures up to 176°C (carpet steam cleaners only reach up to 70°C). Both Monash Health and the NHS in England have tested dry steam to see if it can spread anything. They tested this by sampling the air, vapor and additionally placed settle plates around the room and found that the steam did NOT spread anything.

Can GRID’s Dry steam units kill Covid-19?

There is still little known about Covid-19. To be effective it is important to break down the mucus surrounding the virus and kill it with temperature. Professor Bloomfield from UNLV says “to actively kill the virus you need temperatures of around 60 degrees [Celsius]”. The machines used by GRID are heated to >176°C drastically reducing the contact time required.

Steam is also the recommended process for sanitising a viral agent of any soft furnishings or carpet by the Australian Government, International Cruise Liners Infectious Guidelines and also specifically against Covid-19 by the United Kingdom Government.

Can steam be used on other surfaces?

Yes, the steam machines at GRID Group can be used on nearly any surface.
(Our dry steam cleaners and recommended microfibre cloths are being used as the sole cleaning method in hospitals within Australia and New Zealand. Combining these two cleaning technologies has seen a statistically significant improvement on achieving a reduction in hospital acquired infections and improved cleaning efficacy.)

Do we use vacuum or just steam?

It is recommended that in most cases just steam or steam and microfibre is used.
Special consideration can be given to use a vacuum in certain circumstances – in this case we ONLY use vacuums with HEPA filtration.

Are all microfibre cloths equal?

No. GRID Group use a microfibre cloth proven to remove at least 99.9% of micro-organisms. Most microfibre commercially available do not meet these standards. Disposable microfibre is always recommended in the case of an infectious organism.

PPE Requirements

If cleaning is being performed in an area suspected of being contaminated with the virus the appropriate PPE must always be worn. Introducing a steam cleaner does not require additional PPE.

What else needs to be considered?

Frequently touched points should be cleaned at least twice daily and more so after busy periods (i.e. reception desks, waiting room chairs, ER chairs).

For any other technical question please feel free to call our Operations Department to discuss.

June 2024